We take care of reserving your domain name.

We use the most recent tools and technologies to ensure that your website is up and running 24/7 and that it is secured.


In partnership with our web host, OVH, we are able to give you optimum quality services for the security of your data. OVH, the market leader, hosts millions of sites with high user traffic. This collaboration assures you an optimal service for the hosting of your website.


Esca Design can take care, on your behalf, of the maintenance and updates of your website in order to: keep your site active, maintain its security, carry out essential backups, create new content to refresh the page and maintain an optimum performance.

The budget will be calculated based on the frequency of updates and the size of your project.


1. Evolutionary and corrective maintenance

We confirm the smooth operation of your site and keep it up to date. The Web is in a constant continuous evolution. We add new features and apply with the latest security updates. Our maintenance service supports the future of your project and accompanies you to your growth. To remain visible and performing on search engines as long as possible, a site must be updated regularly. A backup of your site will be made after each update which allows a very fast restoration of your website in case of hacking.

2. Technical support

Your showcase site and online store must remain fully operational with the latest updates and new features. Our team can manage your website to obtain the best results and provide you with professional advice regarding the improvements that must be implemented: deployment of new technical solutions, creation of optimized content, development to make your site fully manageable.